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Height: 165




1. Full Silicone Adult Sex Doll

2. New Stainless Steel Skeleton

3. Realistic touchin Feelin.


How  to Maintain:

Wash it  after every use, keep it in dry shade place.



1. Clean  by 75%  medical  alcohol  or wash with  warm  soapy water before and after use

2. It is better to use  with condom

3. Only for personal use


WarmDoll  Adavantages

1.Antifouling- nothing can  stick doll body, easy clean

2.Durable- you  can use and over again for long time, not easy to be  damaged

3.Lifelike- strictly in accordance with the correct scale molded into

4.Flexible- interface hasa wide range of activities in the  region

5.Security- on  the human body is absolutely safe, non-toxic, no peculiar smell material.

Japan latest  scientific  achievements  of the simulation model in accordance with human.

Skin , make, genuine products, feel good, true to her skin  you, you can put on a different clothes, she is your most loyal privacy lovers.


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