About Us

We are specialized in importing sex dolls and we work with the world’s leading manufacturer, these dolls have been hand made both skin and touch is very soft and the skin is elastic like that of a human woman , Its composition as well as its elaboration has been at all times respectful with the environment.

These dolls are made to withstand pressures of up to 150 kg, the skeleton has been made of metal and you can make any pose you want or can imagine, believe to be with a real woman even feel better because these dolls will not give them problems .

We import only the best products that is why we have satisfied customers in Europe, United States and Canada and we want to continue growing together with this innovative industry. The most important thing  for us is the satisfaction of our clients.

All our products are CE certified and have been reviewed by a team of engineers, at last passed by a quality control before its importation and final shipment to the customer.

siliconesexdolls.eu and all our team will always do everything possible to satisfy all our customers